World Traveler Pack

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Ready to flex your mixology muscles? Take these global syrups for a spin as you try your hand at whipping up something all your own featuring:

Pistachio Syrup: rich, with sweet notes of pistachio, this syrup not only adds a velvety mouthfeel but a pallette filling taste of the Italian countryside. 

Prickly Pear Syrup: take your cocktails south of the border with the bright, tangy, and fruit-forward notes of our prickly pear syrup.

Chai Spiced Orgeat: with the classic almond roundness of orgeat, this inspired take features the warming spice notes of Indian chai for an easy spin on any tiki classic. 

Blood Orange Syrup: a bright red hue and zip of orange make this Mediterranean citrus staple the perfect addition to your margarita repotoire.

Cocoa Nib and Morita: with a dark cocoa bitterness and the smoky spice of Mexican chile morita this syrup is an unlikely combination but one that we're sure you won't be able to get enough of.